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Social Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Ecommerce Solutions

Social Semantic Web (Web 3.0) technologies have been ignored in the past by many Ecommerce developers, online retailers and SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) alike. Failing to stay in the loop and taking full advantage of semantic web technologies is like playing a game with only half the team.

The major search engines are continually improving their technologies to deliver searchers the most meaningful and relevant search results.

Google called upon webmasters to support this trend and enjoy the benefits:

"We're convinced that structured data makes the web better, and we've worked hard to expand Rich Snippets to more search results and collect your feedback along the way. If you have review or people/social networking content on your site, it's easier than ever to mark up your content using microformats or RDFa so that Google can better understand it to generate useful Rich Snippets."

In 2012, Google is pioneering the path to the semantic search and declared that they'll be launching more features related to semantic search discovery.

Rich Snippets Show your Users what to Expect

Rich snippets are a few lines of text that appear under every search result of web pages that have implemented that feature. They are designed to give users a sense for what's on the page they will visit, and why it's relevant to their search query.

Depending on the nature of the products or services you offer, your rich snippet could appear similar to the one in the picture below:

In mid-2011, Google, Bing and Yahoo joined forces in supporting Schema.org, "to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages." This is just more evidence of the importance with which the search engines view Social Semantic Web technology.

This alone should tell you that this technology is important to the future of your online business, particularly if you operate an ecommerce website.

Congratulations to Best Buy for having the vision to implement Good Relations and RDFa on their products pages. They also deserve the write-up they got in the New York Times' Technology section, for their leadership in utilizing social semantic web technologies.

Take Advantage of Social Semantic Web Technologies

Does your online shop include all this? If not, there is no better time than the present to begin taking advantage of this technology. Don't wait to be left behind - take the lead in your niche and embrace Social Semantic Web technologies now. You'll be glad you did.

You can always feel free to contact us at any time for support, as we look forward to working with you to help you grow your company over the coming years.

We are certain that once you have had the opportunity to experience this solution, you will agree that you have found the answer to all your Ecommerce needs.